【TIPS】MindMeister キーショートカット一覧

General shortcuts

INS or TAB Add a child idea
RETURN Add a sibling idea below
SHIFT+RETURN Add a sibling idea above
DEL or BACKSPACE Delete an idea
ALT+C Add a connection
, , , Navigate between topics
SPACE Open/close branches
+, - Zoom in, out
F6 Recenter
+F Find topic
+ALT+F Fullscreen Mode

Select and Edit

+A Select all topics
Select next level left
Select next level right
RETURN Edit Caption
RETURN Commit changes
ESC Cancel editing
SHIFT+RETURN Add line break
+F2 Add / Edit Note
+S Save Note


+B Toggle bold
+I Toogle italic
ALT+SHIFT, Make font bigger / smaller

Move and Rearrange

+X Cut
+C Copy
+V Paste
+SHIFT+V Paste Style
, Move topic up / down


+Z Undo
+Y Redo
ALT+1 / 2 / 9 or 0 Show 1 / 2 / All Levels
ALT+SHIFT+N Open notes dialog
ALT+SHIFT+L Open links dialog
ALT+SHIFT+T Open tasks dialog
ALT+SHIFT+P Toggle Sidebar
M or +M Open Context Menu
O or +O Open Map Switcher
SHIFT+SPACE Wunderkind